Cate Williams news EP BLUEBIRD is being produced from June - September 2019. It will be out by October. She is working with reputed producer and sound man James Newhouse, who has mixed and travelled with Coldplay, The Waifs and other well known Australian and international acts. You can pre-order it HERE.

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Dance of Life ALBUM (2014)

“Cate Williams’ album Dance of Life is a refreshing eclectic mix of deep moments of inspiration and light moments of beauty.  To take time in our busy lives to stop and truly listen to a message that resounds with truth and refreshing insight for our inner worlds is imperative.  I would recommend her as an artist to any event or organisation.  A journey of life, restoration, hope and redemption awaits discovery.”

– Amanda Viviers, Creative Director & Author

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Album Reviews

“Cate has a fresh sound that I’ve been longing to hear for a long time.  This is an excellent CD musically, but there is a unique sound Cate is touching on that no other worship artist is brave enough to even try.  It is the sound of her Spirit having a rendezvous with the Holy Spirit, and what comes out is an exciting new sound.”

Leonard Jones, Levite Praise Institute.

 “I have known Cate for many years and what I love more than her anointing, her voice, and her songs, is her HEART. She is the real deal. She loves to worship, but she also loves to lead others to worship.  She has done this with ‘dance of life’ in a way that is authentic and original – she is just being herself.  She is not trying to copy anyone else or follow what she thinks the church needs to hear – she is jumping in as herself.  In doing so, she has moved from being a daughter to a mother – something that we so need in our nation. I wholeheartedly recommend Cate to you.”

–  Roma Waterman, singer/songwriter/author/worship leader, Director of Sounds of the Nations Oceania

“The lyrics that seem to effortlessly flow from Cate’s creativity are delightfully disarming. It’s not what she says it’s how she says it that cause me to bring my worship to God from unexpected places in my heart. I believe she’s a pioneer for sounds to come!”

–  Gabriel Allred Worship Director at Christ for the Nations Institute, Texas

“It was so good to have Cate speak to our YWAM School of Worship.  She is a gifted worship leader and song writer who is characterised by a desire for unity in the church centred around worship and the presence of God.  Her teaching is practical, real and challenging.”

– Chris Adams, Director YWAM School of Worship Perth

“Cate Williams is a gifted artist.  She sings with an engaging, unique tone that speaks to the heart.  Her songs share the realness of life.  Cate is the personification of encouragement and hope.  There is something about her that reflects the honesty of a faith journey that is all about ‘keeping it real’, regardless of circumstances.  We were absolutely blessed by her courage and talent.”

– Des Mitchell, Principal South Coast Baptist College

“Cate has captured elements of her faith journey in these songs and demonstrated how her faith has carried her through ‘life’s’ experiences.  The rich lyrics and moving melodies will resonate with those who desire to walk through every season of life with a determination to bring glory to God; to lift up their eyes rather than live with a downcast soul; and to declare truth and beauty over every circumstance.”

– Ally Cawthorn Senior Pastor Urban Church, Perth Western Australia