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My name is Cate and I love Jesus.  I am dependent upon His mercy and grace in all I do and in every step I take each day.

Basically, I have been in ministry for about 20 years.  I grew up in the church a pastor’s kid.

My husband David and I are Associate Pastors of a church of around 400 people.

I love to raise up leaders and you will often find me teaching and equipping them in the areas of worship, leadership and fulfilling their call in God at places like YWAM, church worship teams and our soon to be Encounter School of Worship & Leadership.

I love to write songs and recording this music is one of my greatest loves.  I have released an album called Dance of Life which is available on Itunes and for me, is an album that I feel bridges the gap between traditional christian/church worship and music that can inspire even those who don’t know Jesus.  You can follow my goings on at Cate Williams Music on facebook.

I am Executive Producer of the Forerunner Collective, a group of passionate worshippers from Perth whose music and songs we are recording and releasing on EP’s.  Our vision for this is to push the envelope in terms of innovation in the christian music industry, so that worship becomes an experience that is current, Jesus focused and releases the presence of God into the world through encounter.

I often lead worship at events for women, at creative retreats, at churches and run workshops and mentoring/teaching programs on leading worship, song writing and creativity.

I run a small group in my home called Inspire once every 3 weeks where 12 women come to gather with the express purpose of growing in their creative giftings and callings.  We also eat really nice desserts.

I am hosting the Inspire 15 Retreat with Amanda Viviers where 74 women are getting away to discover their creative potential and to seek wholeness and skills with experts in their field.  Jeff and Julie Crabtree are headlining our first ever event like this and come with 20 years of expertise in the creative arena, working with professionals at the top of their game and having been extensively involved in pioneering creative movements in their church in Sydney.

I love to write and write weekly on my blog Catey Williams and also as a guest for Kinwomen, a network for women who wanting to start and be a part of conversations that matter.

I head up the Inspire Collective with Amanda Viviers – initially birthed out of a desire to get together all the women attending the Inspire15 Retreat, but eventually it will become a hub of creatives who gather quarterly with the intention of inspiring, creating and expressing their creativity.

Thanks for visiting my page.  I hope you can find what you need to.  If not, please feel free to contact me on cate@catewilliams.com.au or my PA carolpa.forerunner@gmail.com


Cate x





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