I’m Actually an Introvert

I’ve always been someone whose been happy to stay in the background,

Blend in,

Not cause a scene or a fuss.

Until recently.

I think my personality changed,

Or morphed,

Or something.

I now find myself being vulnerable,

Sharing my heart,

My thoughts,

My visions,

My dreams,

With a much larger world.


I have asked myself the same question.

And the answer is this:

I do it for others.

My reason is a mixture of wanting to see other people not have to go through the same stuff that I have,

Wanting to bring healing to hearts that have been damaged and minds that need to be restored.

I do it because I know that unless someone is brave,

Then the whole world goes on thinking that what they’re experiencing is somehow freakish or abnormal,

And that their crisis, their pain, their trauma, their story,

Is the only one of its kind.

I do it for others.

I risk being seen

So that others can find freedom.

These last few weeks, putting unlimited ‘Pozible Campain’ updates (uggghhhh) on facebook

And spamming social media with my financial needs for this album,

Has come at a cost for me.

I risk being seen as pushy,

Or worse, as needy….

Two things I don’t ever like being labelled

But I have done this for the greater purpose of making this album

Because for me,

Making music is so much about others and not about me.

I hope you hear my heart on this.

Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support towards this project.

With less than 48 hours to go,

We have raised $8045 of $10,000,

An impossible goal I thought to start with.

But now it seems it is within reach because of you.

Thank you.

Cate x

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