The Inspire Collective

The Inspire Collective is a quarterly meeting of creative women, in a judgement free zone, who are looking to become their best selves.

My heart for the Inspire Collective…

We want to make room for a community of creative women to emerge, who feel they can create, share, inspire, collaborate and bring their dreams to a common space.

It is about –

Stirring again the imagination in each woman and allowing that to find expression in your life.

Being allowed to dream.

Being given permission to risk.

Being given a clan to create and risk with.

It is a place where –

We celebrate one another.

We collaborate & co-design.

We are free to be ourselves, no judgement.

We will find others of the same ilk and tribe, those ones we’ve have longed to connect with but have not known where to find them.

Vulnerability and finding your authentic self is warmly welcomed.

You will find hope if you are in a season of hopelessness.

You will find belonging if you feel you are in a season of isolation.

You will drink really good coffee and indulge your sweet tooth.

You are free to explore the gifts you have been given by God.

You are free to regain confidence in your art – and heck, in your life, if you have found you’ve lost it.

You can become bold if you feel you’ve lost yourself in the shadows of your life.

You can reimagine, rediscover and even re write the narrative of your life in fresh ways, in ways that you dreamt it would be when you started on this journey.

That is framed by love and community.

At the Inspire Collective, everyone is valued for their unique contribution, as different and as diverse as that is.

The point is, we are all in different places, we are all at different points in our journey and this is the beauty of this space.

Our first initiative was the Inspire Retreat, Bunker Bay, October 2-4th, where Sydney based authors and consultants, Julie and Jeff Crabtree, Living with a Creative Mind came to share on wholeness and longevity as a creative, as well as Amanda Viviers, Cate Williams and other local creative specialists in their field.  The 74 places were booked out within two weeks which we took as a sign that women are not only keen to be involved in this type of thing, but they are longing for it.

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